Uno, Dos, Tres

As the negroni is one of my favorite drinks, I love to discover and experiment with new variations. With the simple recipe of equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari, the modifications can be endless. This one has the base spirit of tequila with grapefruit infused vermouth, 2 types of Amari and chocolate mole bitters which turns out a complex and lovely sippable cocktail. I have also made this with plain, uninfused Punt e Mes, and it was very different, but still pretty delicious in its own right. The grapefruit adds that little bit of citrus complexity that I love, so if you have grapefruit and some time, I’d say go for the infused version!

adapted from: Death & Co
makes: 1 cocktail

1 1/2 ounces reposado tequila
3/4 ounce grapefruit-infused Punt e Mes (recipe below)
1/2 ounce Campari
1/4 ounce Cynar
1 dash mole bitters

garnish: orange twist

Stir all ingredients over ice, then strain into a coupe. To garnish, flame the orange twist* over the drink, then drop it in.

Grapefruit-Infused Punt e Mes

In a container, combine the zest of 2 ruby red grapefruits and one 750-ml bottle of Punt e Mes and stir well. Cover and refrigerate for 24 hours. Strain through a fine mesh sieve.

*Flamed Twists:

Using a sharp knife, cut a quarter-size round of peel with enough pith attached to keep it from splitting when you squeeze it. Light a match (never a lighter) and wait until the sulfur burns off, then, with your other hand, grab the twist between your thumb and 1st two fingers. Hold the twist a few inches above the match to let the citrus oils warm up, then squeeze the twist at a 45-degree angle over the match and toward the drink. The extracted orange oils will ignite over the flame and land on top of the drink, giving it a lightly caramelized flavor. Drop the twist in the drink.



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