Toffee-Chip Cookies


While we were walking down the baking aisle in the grocery the other day David stopped short at the sight of a shiny brown bag of Heath Milk Chocolate Baking Bits. “Ooh. You need to make some cookies with these” and into the basket they went. Well David, I hope you like these.

(He did, just in case you were wondering.)


I decided to use them in my favorite cookie recipe. I didn’t change anything except for the chocolate chips at the end. The Heath bits went in place of the semi-sweet chocolate chips. To balance the milk-chocolate sweetness of the heath, I added dark chocolate chunks in place of the grated milk chocolate.


The original recipe makes 4 ½ dozen (larger) cookies. I halved it when I made this toffee-chip version and scooped the cookies with a small cookie scoop. They made exactly 4 dozen small cookies.

These are delicious right out of the oven when they are cooling and the dark chocolate chunks are still gooey. Who am I kidding though, they are delicious anytime, anywhere.



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