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It’s that time of year! You might be pulling out your sweaters, sipping pumpkin spice lattes and digging the rakes out of the shed or you might still be sporting sandals and cranking your air conditioning depending on where you live. I personally love this particular transition in seasons, and October is my favorite month (because, Halloween!). In Michigan it is usually still pleasantly warm at the beginning of the month and by the end, the leaves are riotous in color and the air carries that certain aroma of fireplace smoke, slightly decaying leaves, and the whisper of coming Winter that has no definable scent (as much as I love Autumn, I’m hoping that old man Winter comes very very late this year). I thought this cocktail would be perfect to celebrate Summer heading into Fall. Though of course an old fashioned is delicious any time of year, I especially like to have them in the colder months. This is a tiki take on the classic cocktail, which makes me love it even more. I  love the use of both rye and dark rum and the chocolate bitters. I’m having a hard time coming up with lovely adjectives to describe exactly what this tastes like to me, so just trust me and make one for yourself. I would say the flavors are warm, gently spiced, dark and sultry, with an underlying tropic sweetness.

I didn’t have macadamia nut orgeat on hand when I made this, so I used my usual Latitude 29 orgeat. I have since gotten macadamia nut orgeat from Orgeat Works, and it does make a lovely addition to this cocktail. Almond orgeat tastes just as good to me though.

adapted from: The Old-Fashioned
makes: 1 cocktail

1 ounce Rittenhouse rye whiskey
1 ounce Cruzan Black Strap rum or Gosling’s Black Seal rum
1/4 ounce orgeat
2 dashes Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Bitters or Bittermens Xocolatl mole bitters

Combine all the ingredients in a mixing glass filled with ice. Stir until chilled and then strain into a chilled double Old-Fashioned glass over a single chunk of ice. Garnish with a small umbrella or pirate themed swizzle stick if you have one on hand.


♥ That gorgeous amber glass is from Rocket Glass Works.

♥ David and I had looked everywhere and tried everything to get large CLEAR ice cubes. We found True Cubes through Kickstarter and I’m so in love with these cubes. All you do is fill the tray with hot tap water, freeze for about 24 hours, and you get 4 large crystal clear ice cubes. If you’re wondering why the fuss about whether ice cubes should be cloudy are clear, there’s just something special about being able to see the bottom of your glass through your ice cube. To keep the ice from cracking, let it sit out for a minute or two before you pour your cocktail over it.


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