Hello Friends!

David and I spent the day yesterday cooking, baking, eating, (and unfortunately washing a lot of dishes). We celebrated early in order for me to get some recipes posted in time for Thanksgiving. We will also be celebrating with family the day after Thanksgiving, so we are getting our fill of satisfying seasonal meals. I’m thinking the day of, we will actually be taking it easy and ordering pizza.

This is the menu we cooked yesterday and I will be posting a recipe for each day this week. This is definitely one time of year I don’t care about whipping out the heavy cream & butter. It’s a holiday for celebrating family, what we are thankful for, and of course- FOOD! We chose mostly traditional favorites with the flavors bumped up a notch.




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2 Replies to “Thanksgiving!”

  1. Looks like a Heavenly Meal! I can taste it while just looking at the photos…is that weird? I think I may like food a little too much.

  2. We are two peas in a pod when it comes to food! Hopefully someday we can be neighbors again!

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