Moscow Mule

I love ginger and its sweet & spicy bite, and I especially love the flavor of it in a Moscow mule. It shares the spotlight with lime and some sweetness from simple syrup and the ginger beer. Copper mugs are the traditional drinking vessel for this drink and the metal keeps the drinks very cold. These […]

Dirty Martini

from: Vintage Cocktails serves: 1 Shaken or stirred? That’s the age old question when it comes to martinis. James Bond likes his shaken, right? Or does it look like he gives a damn? There are some general rules to follow as far as the method for mixing goes. Drinks that include fruit juice, simple syrup, […]


I think most people are grapefruit lovers or haters. I rarely hear people say, “Oh I kind of like grapefruit…” I am a lover. I eat one most days for breakfast, and grapefruit juice is my favorite of all fruit juices. Red grapefruit, that is. My husband is not a grapefruit fan, (he has a […]