Salmon Rolls

I had the greatest pleasure of eating my first hot lobster roll in Boston this past June. The experience was delightful and I reached a blissful state of nirvana with my mouth full of fresh lobster and hot butter dripping down my chin. I think the illustrious lobster roll could be one of the most […]

Emmentaler on Rye with Sweet & Sour Onions and Vinegar Slaw with Cucumbers & Dill

Who needs grilled cheese with tasteless white bread and gummy wrapped processed cheese, when you could eat this-gooey melted Emmentaler with sweet & sour red onions on grilled rye? Yes please. The fresh cabbage, cucumber and dill slaw is the perfect accompaniment. adapted from: The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook Slaw (serves 8-10) 1 medium head green […]