The Tree House

It’s that time of year! You might be pulling out your sweaters, sipping pumpkin spice lattes and digging the rakes out of the shed or you might still be sporting sandals and cranking your air conditioning depending on where you live. I personally love this particular transition in seasons, and October is my favorite month […]

Corn ‘n’ Oil

I have searched online and through my library of cocktail books, but the origins of this cocktail are pretty elusive. I do know it hails from Barbados and beautifully showcases velvet falernum. The black strap rum gives this cocktail it’s crude oil hue, thus it’s name.  Perhaps not a name that makes you want to run to the liquor cabinet, […]

Rosy Cheek

This fine white hot chocolate takes a hint from Latin-American rompope and surprises and delights the sipper with the salty, buttery touch and roasted taste of ground nuts. If you have had a white chocolate and macadamia cookie, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. They are a love-match. The pink peppercorns with their rosy flavor and peppery pop, take this white hot […]


Coquito is a Puerto Rican beverage similar to eggnog or rompope (Mexican eggnog). It is traditionally enjoyed on nochebuena, or Christmas Eve. It is given out as a gift in festively wrapped bottles. Sweetened condensed milk is used to sweeten, evaporated milk is used instead of milk, and coconut milk and rum give it an island flair. […]


In the barrage of new and updated craft cocktails lining cocktail menus and bar tables, it’s easy to forget the perfection and simplicity of one of the essential cocktails, the daiquiri. If the word daiquiri invokes images of slushy, saccharine-sweet concoctions in hurricane glasses topped with paper umbrellas and fruit, and that slightly horrifies you, […]

Mary Pickford

from: Vintage Cocktails Named for the petite, silent film star of first generation Hollywood royalty- this cocktail was created by legendary prohibiton-era Cuban barman, Eddie Woelke in the 20’s. (You may have swigged an El Presidente cocktail, which was also created by him.) The Mary Pickford is sweet but delicious. It brings to mind the […]