Spicy Mac

I have probably mentioned it before, but mac & cheese and risotto are my absolute favorite comfort foods. A well executed mac recipe will put me right in my happy place. The Mac + Cheese Cookbook has a place of honor in my cookbook rotation. I mean, a cookbook full of mac & cheese recipes? Yes please. […]

Mac & Cheese & Greens

Although this recipe tips toward the decadently rich side of the scales, it is one of the tastiest mac’n cheeses I’ve had in a while. It is comfort food at its finest. For lack of more eloquent terms, I like my macaroni and cheese more “saucy” and less “glutinous”- by glutinous I mean baked macaroni […]

Harissa Tortellini

This is an easy meal to make for a weeknight dinner and if you have any leftover it will be good the next day for lunch, even cold. The cheese-filled tortellini, blanched broccoli, toasted pine nuts, briny olives, and salted feta taste delicious together.  I will definitely be making this again! slightly adapted from: Super […]