Moscow Mule

I love ginger and its sweet & spicy bite, and I especially love the flavor of it in a Moscow mule. It shares the spotlight with lime and some sweetness from simple syrup and the ginger beer. Copper mugs are the traditional drinking vessel for this drink and the metal keeps the drinks very cold. These […]


Every now and then I’m in the mood for a martini with a bit of lime pizzazz. That’s when I pull out the Rose’s Lime Juice and make a gimlet. It’s hard to go wrong with 2 ingredients, and the lime makes it taste like a great summer martini. Feel free to use fresh lime […]


I love Fridays. Or more specifically, Friday nights. It has always been my favorite night of the week. This might be because it signifies the end of a long week at work, the anticipation of the weekend, or possibly it might be the idea of happy hour with friends or family. Friday night has usually […]