Eggnog Florentines

Behold- a cookie for the serious eggnog lover. And now for some adjectives. These delicate, browned, buttery, lacy, nutty, caramel-ly, thin cookies are then filled with a heavenly, creamy, sweetly spiced eggnog filling. The funny part is that in the list of ingredients, there is no eggnog to be found, a fact that may astonish […]

Bucatini Carbonara

Sometimes the combination of simple ingredients in their truest form can take a meal from simple to sublime. Bucatini Carbonara is a lovely example of that alchemy. Pasta, mixed with a velvety mixture of cream, egg yolks, and Parmigiano Reggiano, as well as rendered pancetta and some garlic and shallot and you have a beautifully […]