Pumpkin Flan with Maple Caramel

  I ♥ Flan. I remember the first time I made it when we lived in California (recipe at bottom). It was utterly satisfying to see it turned out perfectly, with that beautiful brown caramel providing a heavenly moat. As far as Ina Garten recipes go, the woman can do no wrong. I have been loving her new […]

Treat Week: Butterscotch Shortbread

Butterscotch shortbread dipped in chocolate. Do I even need to say anything else? You. Want. These. In. Your. Mouth. slightly adapted from: People Magazine (December 14, 2015) makes: One 8-x-8 pan- 32 cookies 2 sticks unsalted butter, softened 3/4 cup dark brown sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 […]

Treat Week: Chocolate-Pistachio Rugelach

A Hanukkah tradition, rugelach are small, crescent shaped pastries that can have any number of fillings like jam, cinnamon-sugar, raisins, poppy seed paste, and nuts. Typically they are made with a cream cheese dough. These lovelies take a chocolate spin on traditional rugelach and surprise the taster with a delicious Nutella and pistachio center. The slice and bake method is much […]

Treat Week: Coconut Macaroons

I still remember my first coconut macaroon which I had at the adorable little Bon Bonerie pastry shop in Cincinnati, Ohio (the old location). It was a coconut lover’s dream. A delicate confection that is slightly crunchy on the outside and deliciously chewy inside. Unsweetend coconut can be found at health food stores or Asian markets. If you […]

Buttermilk Cheddar Biscuits

Buttery, flaky biscuits are one of my favorite things to bake. I remember besides Hedgehog’s Yellow Cake, biscuits were something I learned to make when I started baking at the grand old age of 8. I was so proud to make them all by myself! I’d like to think my technique has improved since then; I know not […]