Salted Chocolate Cardamom Ganache

I love that this tart utilizes healthier sources for sweetness instead of granulated or brown sugar. Be warned, the crust smoked fiercely while baking (oil/syrup mixture dripping to the bottom of oven), so I would put a baking sheet under the tart. The crust did seem a little extra oily before baking, I think next time I […]

Triple-Layer Chocolate Macaroon Cake

The beauty of this dessert lies in its simplicity, it only has 6 ingredients. If you are a fan of chewy coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate, then you will love this dessert as well. It boasts layers of delicious, chewy, coconut cake with decadent, silky ganache in between. slightly adapted from: Food + Wine serves: 8 1 […]

Treat Week: Coconut Macaroons

I still remember my first coconut macaroon which I had at the adorable little Bon Bonerie pastry shop in Cincinnati, Ohio (the old location). It was a coconut lover’s dream. A delicate confection that is slightly crunchy on the outside and deliciously chewy inside. Unsweetend coconut can be found at health food stores or Asian markets. If you […]

Lemon Lime Bars

I have to agree with Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito, “Curd is an ugly word for a delicious dessert”. As I’ve said in my lemon curd post, it is very versatile and can be used for a variety of things. This curd is smooth and tangy and is absolutely divine on top of the golden brown […]