Vanilla Bean Malt Cake

I love a bundt cake or pound cake because a slice can be good for breakfast, with tea or coffee, or dessert. 🙂 I didn’t eat a lot of this cake, but I had enough of a taste to know it was delicious, I love desserts with malt powder. Don’t worry if you don’t have a […]

Triple-Layer Chocolate Macaroon Cake

The beauty of this dessert lies in its simplicity, it only has 6 ingredients. If you are a fan of chewy coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate, then you will love this dessert as well. It boasts layers of delicious, chewy, coconut cake with decadent, silky ganache in between. slightly adapted from: Food + Wine serves: 8 1 […]

Nutella-Swirl Poundcake

I love pound cake. It is most definitely in my top 5 favorites for types of dessert. It is easy to make, keeps well, and it seems to be one of those things that you can enjoy any time of day. I enjoying having it for dessert, for a  sweet breakfast, or as an afternoon pick-me-up with a cup […]

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes

Another fantastic recipe using one of my favorite fruits, the strawberry. These are essentially vanilla cupcakes topped with a buttercream frosting that has been jazzed up with strawberry jam. The cupcakes are definitely good, these were a bit more dense than I’d like. I generally prefer a more moist and cakey crumb, (like this beauty) […]

New York Cheesecake

I’ve had two amazing cheesecakes in my life. The one passed down from my paternal grandmother (recipe coming later this year) and this one. Words simply can’t describe the absolute deliciousness of this cheesecake. The center is satiny and creamy, graduating to a velvety texture, then cake-like at the edges, just like a New York […]