Raspberry Cream (Crème aux Framboises)

raspberry cream2

This recipe is made up of basically four ingredients, raspberries, sugar, cream and an egg white. It is very easy to assemble and produces a beautiful and delicious dessert. It was almost too pretty to eat, but not quite.

from: The French Country Table
serves: 4

12 ounces raspberries, fresh or frozen and thawed
1 pint fresh raspberries
5-6 tablespoons sugar, to taste
1 cup heavy cream, chilled
1 egg white
sprigs of mint, to serve

Put the 12 ounces of raspberries in a food processor or blender and blend until smooth, then press through a strainer to obtain a smooth purée; you should have about 1 cup. Stir in 4-5 tablespoons (or desired amount) of the sugar. Set aside.

Put the cream in a large bowl and beat with an electric mixer until it holds firm peaks. Set aside.

Beat the egg white with 1 tablespoon of the sugar until it holds firm peaks. Fold the beaten egg white and raspberry purée into the cream.

Divide the mixture between 4 serving glasses, filling halfway. Set aside 4 fresh raspberries, then divide the remaining fresh ones between the glasses and top with the remaining raspberry cream.

Place a fresh raspberry and a small sprig of mint on the top of each glass. Chill for up to 6 hours. Serve cold. (I have to say, I photographed these, then we ate them 2 minutes later. Who wants to wait six hours with these beauties begging you to eat them?)

*Feel free to use strawberries or mixed berries, but you may have to alter the amount of sugar. Sweeten the purée gradually, tasting as you go, until it is to your liking.

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