Moscow Mule


I love ginger and its sweet & spicy bite, and I especially love the flavor of it in a Moscow mule. It shares the spotlight with lime and some sweetness from simple syrup and the ginger beer. Copper mugs are the traditional drinking vessel for this drink and the metal keeps the drinks very cold. These are good all year round, but I especially like them on a hot and humid summer day. Here’s hoping that warm weather comes our way soon!

serves: 1

1 oz. freshly squeezed lime juice
3 oz. ginger beer (I like Reeds)
½ oz. simple syrup
splash of Rose’s Lime Juice
2 oz. vodka


Add the above ingredients to a copper mug. Fill mug with ice and stir. Top with another splash of ginger beer and serve. Serve with a lime wedge if desired.


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