Elder Fashioned

This drink was created by Phil Ward around the time St-Germain was introduced (circa 2007). This elderflower liqueur took the bartending world by storm and added a new flavor into mixologists palettes everywhere. I personally love it. The Old-Fashioned is my “desert island” drink, and I love to taste as well as make new variations of it. This gin version is floral, fresh, and sophisticatedly fruity. It is light and summery while still packing the sneaky alcoholic punch the Old-Fashioned is known for. This is easy to make as well, since you just stir everything together right in the glass.

drink by: Phil Ward of Death & Co, Manhattan via The Old Fashioned
makes: 1 cocktail


2 ounces Plymouth gin
1/2 ounce St-Germain elderflower liqueur
2 dashes orange bitters
grapefruit twist

Combine all the ingredients except the grapefruit twist in an Old-Fashioned glass. Add one large chunk of ice and stir until chilled. Twist a piece of grapefruit zest over the drink and drop into the glass.






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