Cherry Caipirinha

Happy 100th post to the Ruby Spoon! (I’m patting myself on the back…) It has been a year, and I hope you have enjoyed reading, cooking, and drinking through this blog as much as I have enjoyed cooking, drinking, and writing it. I chose this variation on the caipirinha because the original caipirinha was almost my very first post.  I thought a variation on what is still my favorite drink would make a great milestone post. This version still has all the flavors of the classic Caipirinha, but when you muddle fresh cherries in it, the cocktail blooms into a beautiful ruby concoction and imparts a subtle cherry flavor that pairs very well with the lime. Here’s to another 100 posts! Happy reading and happy sipping! For those of you who are Facebook users, I have a Ruby Spoon page– feel free to check it out and “like” me!

makes 1 cocktail
from: The Modern Mixologist

2 oz cachaça
1 oz simple syrup
6-8 pitted ripe cherries
½ lime, cut into quarters

Fill an old fashioned glass with cracked ice to chill. In a mixing glass, add lime quarters, simple syrup, and cherries. Muddle to extract juice, but not hard enough to force the rind from the lime. Dump the ice from the old fashioned glass into the mixing glass; add cachaça and shake. Pour the entire drink into the now-chilled old fashioned glass. Add more ice if needed and serve with a swizzle stick.

Feel free to try this cocktail with red raspberries, apricots, mangoes, or blueberries as well.

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