Pizza Week: Canadian Bacon & Pineapple Pizza

Ham & Pineapple is one of my favorites. A bit sweet, a bit salty, the two sensations of taste make a great union. Canadian bacon is a closer relative to ham than it is to bacon. It just comes from a different part of the pig than ham. Feel free to use what you want, just make sure to get thick slices vs. thin. I experimented with the sauces to see which one David and I would like better. I put Bove’s roasted garlic sauce on one half, and Frontera Border BBQ on the other half. Honestly it was a tie, they both worked very well. If you had to twist my arm to pick one, I would say the red sauce, but only by a miniscule margin. If you asked David, he would say the BBQ.

FYI- I don’t always include exact amounts with pizza- it’s up to each individual and their tastes. I include the measured amounts for ingredients that might need more accuracy. Not everyone likes ½ cup worth of onion on their pizza! I will include my preferences, but feel free to experiment with yours.

pizza dough
your pizza sauce of choice
mozzarella cheese, sliced or shredded
2-3 slices of provolone cheese, cut into triangles
2-3 sliced rings of pineapple, cut into chunks
thick slices of Canadian bacon or ham, cut into chunks or strips

Preheat the oven to 500. On a large piece of parchment paper, roll out the pizza dough to a 15” circle. Slide onto a pizza peel. If desired, brush olive oil around the edges of the dough. Spread your sauce of choice over the crust, leaving the oiled edge. Top with mozzarella, provolone, Canadian bacon and pineapple.  Bake 8-10 minutes, or until cheese in nice and bubbly and bottom is crisp.

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