About Alison

I currently live in Detroit, Michigan with my husband, David and Winston, our playful and adorable maltipoo. I grew up in Dayton, Ohio and have spent my adult years living in Cincinnati, South Carolina, Southern California, and Michigan. I love all things food. Cooking, baking, and most of all eating. I love sharing my experiences, recipes, quirky food facts, and photographs in the realm of food and drink.

Note to food lovers: If you are a vegetarian, meat-eater, health nut, greasy pizza lover, vegan, sweet-tooth or cocktail aficionado, you’ve come to the right place! I am a little bit of all of those things, and love to prepare all types of food.

Although mostly everything I make is home-made and comprised of fresh ingredients, nothing will be too fastidious (aside from an occasional soufflĂ©, molten-cake, or Beef Bourguignon) but you also won’t find anything on here that would require the frequent use of a can-opener. (I.e green bean casserole)

Feel free to leave comments, subscribe to the RSS feed, or e-mail me at therubyspoon@hotmail.com.

Peace, Love, and Gastronomy!




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