• Drinks
  • Corn ‘n’ Oil


    I have searched online and through my library of cocktail books, but the origins of this cocktail are pretty elusive. I do know it hails from Barbados and beautifully showcases velvet falernum. The black strap rum gives this cocktail it’s crude oil hue, thus it’s name.  Perhaps not a name that makes you want to run to the liquor cabinet, […]

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  • Main Courses
  • Apple Fennel Salad


    You may be sick of seeing salads on The Ruby Spoon as I recently posted 6 salads for ‘Salad Week’, but this was too good not to share. Also, it is hot and sunny outside, and after surviving Midwestern Winter, salads seem like the perfect “I Made It” food and a good transition into summer […]

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  • Appetizers
  • Watermelon Mango Salsa


    If you want to make a tortilla chip, a fillet of grilled fish, not to mention your mouth happy, you really should make this fruity salsa. It is a beautiful medley of colors, flavors and textures. I recently tripled the recipe for someone’s party and I heard it was a big hit. I made a small batch […]

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